Regular Kirtan Diwan is held on the first Saturday of every month at the Peace Lutheran Church. On special occasions additional programs are arranged.
Yes we do. Generally the Gurpurabs are included in the monthly Diwans. Occasionally, at the request of the majority of the Sangat we celebrate Gurpurabs on other days as well.
The program begins with children and Sangat Kirtan from 11:00 to 11:30 AM; followed by Kirtan, Ardas, and Hukam Nama from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Services are wrapped-up with Langar. Monthly details are posted on the Diwans page.
Please register with the gurdwara sewaks with your contact information. Our primary mode of communications is by email.
Yes! All are welcome. We do ask you to respect our rules of conduct and reverence during the services.
Before entering the gurdwara hall, please remove your shoes, wash your hands and cover your head with a scarf (for those who do not wear a turban). Walk up to the Guru Granth Sahib (our holy scriptures), pay your respects, and sit down on the floor on the appropriate side of the hall.
Sewa is one of the hallmarks of Sikhism. The members of the congregation perform preparation, conduct, and wrap up of the Kirtan Diwans. You may participate in any aspect of the preparation, conduct, and wrap-up of the services. Such as:
  • Set-Up: Arrive at 10:30 AM and assist with the set-up of the hall.
  • Langar Preparation: Contact Langar Coordinator to find out what item and how much of it can you bring to the gurdwara.  For more details go to the Langar page.
  • Langar Serving: To help with the serving, go to the team in the kitchen. They will guide you.
  • Wrap-Up: After the services you can help with the clean up and restore the hall back to its original state.
  • Yes, you and your family can sponsor the Kirtan. The Ragis' fee for their services is $250 and we pay $50 for the church hall lease. More than one family can co-sponsor the Kirtan and share the expenses. All donations are tax-exempt. Additional responsibilities include help for the set-up and preparing breakfast for the invited Ragis.
    At this time we do not have a formal program. Contact Children's program coordinator via the Teacher email address for more details.
    At this time we use several methods to teach and learn Sikhi. During the Kirtan Diwan, Shabad and Gurujis' history "katha" is performed by the Ragis. The children learn by researching, preparing and presenting speeches for Gurpurabs. Finally, the children are invited to participate in the annual national competition held by the Shri Hemkunt Foundation.
    Contact the Secretary or the Treasurer to become a member. The annual membership fee is $10 per adult and $5 for a Senior Citizen. Students' membership is free.
    The gurdwara is held at the Peace Lutheran Church . The Kirtan Diwan notification is generally emailed a week before the program. Details (and changes, if any) are included in the email.
    Singh Sabha gurdwara is registered as a non-profit and tax exempt entity in the State of Texas. It has a Charter and By-laws that identify Board of Trustees and Executive Committee (EC) positions. Please contact the Trustee, President, or any current member of the EC to communicate your interest. We will be delighted to have you on board!
    Yes! We had been waiting to be recognized as a tax-exempt organization. We are now ready to embark on raising funds for a gurdwara. Please fill out the Pledge form to indicate your commitment.
    The Singh Sabha gurdwara and the Sangat members participate in several ways. Past examples include participation in multiple inter-religious efforts including membership in Austin Area Interreligious Ministries (AAIM) fund-raising, Hands-on-Housing home repair for the poor in East Austin, and Thanksgiving events. Donation of over 100 blankets and warm socks in the cold months to Austin SafePlace for women and children, and the Austin Homeless Shelter. Finally, presentation for education and public relations towards understanding of our Sikh Community, for the Austin community at large, partnering with the Austin Police Dept., AAIM, and a special educational gurdwara for same. Brochures may be printed for sharing with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues at work.